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Strengthen Your Business Skills

You're invited to our next live Café Con Miguel event

Join me as we sit down with my friend and guest, Francisco Marentez (Iron Will Training Systems LLC). Francisco will share his story and challenges on his journey as a business owner.

I hope that through these authentic discussions with guests like Francisco and last month with Julio Resendez, you walk away with a nugget or a bit of inspiration seeing others like you & I hustling and thriving. The life of a business owner, entrepreneur, can be daunting. Reach out and ask for assistance. There are resources and services at your disposal; SBA, SBDC, SCORE, other business owners, mentors, etc.

Save your seat for the next Café Con Miguel on June 06 @ 8:30am.

Check out the trailer below ⬇️⬇️

A bit about Francisco

For over 20 years, Francisco Marentez has dedicated his professional life to helping athletes improve at any level, from adolescent to professional. While receiving his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology focused on exercise science and a minor in Psychology, he earned an internship with the Rice University Strength and Conditioning Department.

After a general focus on all varsity sports, he was asked to become the head assistant to the Baseball team once the internship was complete. The 2003 Rice Baseball team won their first national title two years later. While at Rice University, Francisco assisted in 16 conference titles and numerous professional drafts in the MLB, NFL, and NBA.

Francisco returned to The Woodlands in 2006. After working in Houston to help the community where he grew up.

My goal as a private strength and conditioning coach is to help athletes improve their overall performance in their sport and help produce a more coachable athlete for all the surrounding areas/schools.

Connect with Francisco

Instagram: @ironwill_spt


Twitter: @IronWillSC


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