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  • Miguel Lopez

Self Care? Yeah It's a Thing, an Important Thing

When meeting with a business owner a question I like to ask is “tell me what you do for you?” Why? We need, our minds and bodies need, variation. Your business, although important, shouldn’t be the only thing or priority in your life. It could be something as simple as reading, journaling, or drawing. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to learn to play the alto sax (woodwind here so bias towards the alto), or work on your DIY skills in your backyard, etc.

Whatever your hobby or passion is I encourage you to carve out some time during the week for it. Yes, disconnect from the rat race of running your business. If 1-hour is too much start with then consider 30 minutes a week. Do something for you, your family and your health will thank you which in turn could translate to a more productive business owner. Two things that occupy my time and attention outside of my business are these two hams, Coco and Chewy.


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