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  • Miguel Lopez

What Kind of Leader Are You?

We all have had to work with or report to that manager or supervisor who could be define as a "micromanager." I know I didn't appreciate that type of oversight. Nor do I know anyone who enjoys working in that type of environment. If you operate or own your own business don't be that type of leader.

In fact, I'll go out on a limb and say you aren't viewed as a leader; by your team and others if you are supervising in said manner.

Be A Leader

There is a difference in holding your team accountable and micromanaging them. Allow your team to express their creativity, trust your team to do their job/their tasks, don't shackle their morale thus shutting down their confidence. Grow your business by trusting, empowering and developing your team. What you receive in return goes beyond having a positive balance sheet.


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