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  • Miguel Lopez

Café Con Miguel Goes LIVE!

Why “Café Con Miguel,” where did I get this idea?

I have been doing 1-on-1 coffee get-togethers for years to connect with people. There's no agenda, no sales pitch. Just sitting down to talk with people, and listen. What they do as a career or a job is easy. But I want to know what drives them, how they got started, and the pains and struggles they face along the way.

Fast forward to the present, I want to share these moments and experiences with other business owners and entrepreneurs, thus my new coffee series “Café Con Miguel.

Going LIVE

My first live event is Monday, May 2, with CEO & founder of #Orbiter Julio Resendez.

Please send an email to to register.

Check out the trailer below ⬇️⬇️

A bit about Julio

Julio Resendez’s family emigrated from Monterrey, Mexico, in the early 90s, and as a young boy, he watched his father build a business from scratch. That inspiration led him to do the same and explore and start businesses in many industries such as music management, digital marketing, video production, online magazines, and photo studios.

The almost decade of experience culminates into his new startup: Orbiter - an app that helps professionals grow their business through community-sourced referrals. With his brother Carlos as the technical co-founder and several developers, they plan to launch the app early summer of 2022.

Connect with Julio


Muchisimas gracias to Nebular Films for shooting and editing the video.


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